Hi all. I've a Marzocchi 44 ATA, 15qr axle, year 2009.
The (ATA) travel adjustment of this fork is 100mm-140mm. My currently (in-progress) build is an AM rig with 150mm rear travel. But, to respect the geometry that comes with the frame (GT Force 2008's) the travel fork would be of 150mm.

I've contacted Marzocchi with some inquires but I didn't get much info about all of them...
- Can the travel be modified internally so I can reach the 150mm instead of 140mm? (I don't mind doing some cutting, or anything else invasive over the fork). There's any way to do that?
- The ATA cartridge of the 44 (from that year), is the same of the 55/66, or at least, something "like" them?

Thanks in advance!