i got a brand new sid sl from the good old days, and a rotten 2000 SID XC. i love the SL, because of all that Ti hardware etc., but what i liked about my SID XC was the travel: 80 mm over 60 mm my SL has. so to match front and rear travel with my FS (90 mm), i would like to convert my SL to 80 mm. my mechanic said that it cant be done because of the cartridge, but he had no clue whether i could use the 2000 SID XC internals to increase travel.

the 99 SL is a dual-air fork, while the 2000 XC is a hydra-air fork (air suspension & oil dampening) - could this be a problem? or does the dampening system not have anything to do with the travel at all?

any ideas?