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    Older Fox RLC lockout and RP23 pro-pedal vs newer platforms Rock Shox? Fox CTD etc...

    How do the current lockout settings between Fox and Rock Shox compare right now?

    My 08 Brodie Mettle has a Fox RLC 32 and a Fox RP23. The Fox fork can be either locked out or fully-open / active. The RP23 can be open / active or one of three different pro-pedal settings. I didn't find a big difference between the three pro-pedal settings, but they worked. I am going 650B and/or 29'er soon and I wonder about the newer forks and shocks.

    I would like remote lockout for both my fork and shock. I also like the variable compression dampening to full lockout, instead of only having the option of fully active or fully lockedout. Fox has Climb Trail and Descend. Sounds interesting, so I wonder how it works. I will research the CTD forks and shock, but does anybody here have any experience with CTD vs whatever Rock Shox has right now?

    Also, my RLC 32 has separate compression and rebound clickers. Is that amount of precise dial-in tuning lost with the CTD setup? I also wonder which forks the CTD is available on. I guess I'll research the specs via the website. Just wondering if anybody has been lucky enough to sample the new stuff yet.
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