I just recently purchased a new bike that came with an Air fork, marzocchi EXR PRO air. The last couple of weeks it's been raining like crazy here so naturaly i havent done much biking. Especialy out in the woods ( i'm always like that when i get a new bike lol). Anyways straigh to the point..... so it's been about 2 weeks and i've only gone out about 2 times , nothing agressive at all, and yesterday while compressing the fork i realized i was compressing it alot easier than usualy. So when i got back from my ride i checked the PSI, it has gone down a couple. It was originaly set at 49psi and was currently at 46. Is this normal, for PSI to slowly decompress over time ( 2 weeks)? just wondering if i should be worried or not.

thanks guys