I need a new fork. I have a F80RL from 2003. It has been ridden very hard and serviced regularly but the problems are stacking up. Coating is worn off the stanchions where the bushings overlap, bushings are toast, small dent in the lower casting not where it interferes with the bushing. But now there is a problem that warrants immediate replacement, there is a tiny crack in the arch of the lower casting. I am going to buy a longer travel 100mm or 120mm vs my current 80 because its easy to lower travel but imposable to increase. Also cause the ideal on my frame is 90mm. I am looking at fox again, f100 or 120RLC with the 15mm QR. I am rolling 26". The reba XX i am also looking at is the maxle thru axle. These are both heavier than my current set up but hopefully stiffer. I like the thought of air u-turn a lot but the 20mm thru axle version in u-turn is not currently available to me as an employee purchase where as the 2010 fox and XX reba are. Is the thru axle reba that much stiffer than the 9mm standard Qr. I am also pondering waiting a little while for the 2011fox to become available for employee purchase, the kashima coat looks bad ass.