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    MY2008 Tora 302 Rebuild/Upgrade questions

    Hello all,

    First post here, I was having a little trouble getting a concrete answer to my questions through search and lurking.

    I have a MY 2008 Tora 302 solo air (it has a decal showing tora rs on it...) It is loooong over due for service and I am going to go old school and upgrade this thing vs get a new fork.

    I wanted to verify that the ARGYLE MoCo 11.4015.017.000 will work in the MY 2008 Tora since i haven't been able to figure out what the difference is with the 2009+ Tora.

    I have lost the rebound adjuster knob as well so i am looking to just replace the entire rebound shaft assy since i will be tearing it apart anyway. So does anyone know if either the Argyle rebound damper assembly 11.4015.257.000, or the HC3 08-10 Tora XC/SL/Race rebound damper assembly 11.4015.304.020 will work? I appears that they would from Rockshox spare parts cat. but would be nice to get confirmation.

    Lastly, I am planning on removing the travel spacer in the air spring side to bump travel to 130mm from 100mm, has anyone had any comments good/bad/indifferent on the increased travel with a hardtail (2008 Trek 6500)?

    I know there are new and greater things out there, but I am a tinkerer so I am really excited about doing this despite the fork not really being worth it.

    Any input.... beside buy an new fork... would be greatly appreciated!

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    I know this is an old fork but someone out there has surely worked with these things??

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