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    Maximum Fork Travel For 2000 Gary Fischer Paragon???

    So I have a Gary Fischer Paragon from 2000 that the frame was just replaced thru the crash replacement program. It is my commuter and loaner bike for when people come in to town, but it still has very nice components on it. Race Face carbon fiber cranks, full xt build kit, carbon fiber handlebars etc. The only thing on this bike that is dated is the front fork, which is the original it came with. It is a Rock Shox Judy. I would like to upgrade the fork because the bike frame is new and all of the other components are in great shape. My question is what is the maximum amount of travel I could get away with without skewing the geometry of the bike? Any recommendations out there for forks to look in to?

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    According to Bikepedia, the 2000 Paragon came with a "Rock Shox Judy Race, 2.5"-4.0" adjustable travel", so you should be fine with an 800mm or 100mm fork. Are you going to keep the V brakes? You'll have to make sure the new fork has cantilever bosses...many don't have them anymore.

    How much are you willing to spend?

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