I have a Marzocchi Z1 QR20 2003 that's in good shape except the negative air chamber is loosing air when I pump it to spec. Is this something that I'd have to send to Marzocchi or Risse for Maintenance to fix or can I buy the part and fix it here. I'd like to get it working right, but don't want to spend more than a newer one. Anyone have a similar issue with an older Marzocchi z1 neg air chamber? How did you fix it? Also, anyone have luck sending forks to Marzocchi for maintenance? I also saw risse does maintenance on all forks, which might be an option because I have a vintage yellow Judy SL, and a 1" Bomber that would be good to have working again too. Anyway, just brainstorming the Marzocchi Z1 QR20 2003 and see what my options are for maintenance. Thanks!