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    Marzocchi Marathon LR or R? Would a noob need "compression" adjustability?

    I'm upgrading my shock for the first time and I have researched, and found out a lot, but there are a couple of things that I am confused about.

    I have a Specialized Hardrock disk, 2013 with a 80mm Suntour Pogo on it.

    I am thinking about either the Marathon LR or Marathon R.

    Marzocchi Marathon LR Fork 2012 at Price Point

    I will be getting it at Bluesky, but pricepoint shows more spec info.

    First of all, it makes sure to state that there is no compression adjustability. I thought that the air adjustment did that. Is compression a different adjustment? I am new to riding, so will I even need it?

    Second, I notice that there are spacers on the steer tube. If I stick with the 100mm, and don't like it (new geometry), instead of using the spacer (in the fork) to make it 80mm, what about just leaving out a spacer or two on the steer tube and cutting the tube to fit?

    Third, I notice that the lockout is not remote. I am wondering what use the lockout would be without a remote. What would I manually lock it out for? Road? Seems like a waste for my application (singletrail-noob style). If there is not a good reason, I will just go with the Marathon R. I ask the second question about the spacer, because I notice the R does not adjust to 80mm, so Questions 2&3 is to decide which model I should get.
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    Compression adjustment is damping. Its nice to have. It lessens the pogo like qualities of the fork.
    A non remote lockout is easy to flip on and off on the trail especially for climbing.
    20mm is a lot spacers on your steerer to change.
    Ideally you should stick to an 80mm fork. Lots of them out there

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