i bought a 2009 marzocchi 55 ata micro Tenneco Marzocchi Suspension - 2009 All Mountain forks - 55 ATA Micro when building my meta 6 and i have a issue with it.
i pump the correct amount of air into the par chamber in the bottom of the fork to say 100 psi. when i go to put air into the top ata chamber it has 100 psi. i let the air out and now both have no air pressure. ive been running it at about 100 psi and it works fine but i would like to fix it so it works as intended. is there a set of seal between them both or is it the ata o-ring that could be bad or undersized. ive got full travel and the height adjustment works good so im a little lost as to what to fix.

sorry for the long post.