Just bought a 08 fork ( yes my budget is a bit limited ) which supposedly has very low hours on it. Checking things over its obvious it has been apart and not put back correctly together. Can anyone link a detailed drawing of the shock as there are a number of queries I have.

Does the preload screw directly seat on the black plastic spacer above the spring or does it have a metal load bearing washer between the plastic and the screw?

Does the legs have a certain amount of oil in them, this shock looks as though it only has a grease of some kind. If so how much. The manual doesn't give this kind of info sadly

There is a washer stuffed into the area below the TST2 lever, I think it comes from somwhere else, it has a small recess on one side, two screw threads and an O ring in the centre, it fits almost perfectly but won't allow the lever to fit properly.

How does the TST2 lock out lever mount in and lock in, there is a wire circlip sitting in a groove on the lockout nut but this won't allow the lever to pass down without dislodging it. I have read somewhere it should be a rubber O ring ?

The small plastic pieces inside the lock out are all there but there is no notches just a smooth action, is this correct.

Any help appreciated. Thanks