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    Quote Originally Posted by InWyo View Post
    I'd love to hear a bit about it as well. I'm in the process of building a Felt 9 with XX1, and from the sounds of it, the Manitou Marvel should be a great fork for a lighter rider such as myself (150 lbs). I have read that larger riders have a hard time setting them up though.
    Larger riders have trouble setting up the Minute and Tower Pros. The Marvel pro uses a straight air spring that will be easy to set up no matter the rider weight.

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    Are you riding the Marvel? If so, how does it stack up?

    I'm thinking of either getting the Marvel or the Reba RLT, but lack of reviews has me leaning towards the Reba...however the price and weight of the Marvel will give me some more flexibility on the remainder of my build. I road Manitou forks about 10 or 12 years ago, and I believe that was before they started having issues, and have been on difference incarnates of Fox Float forks since.

    Are they easy to set up, and do you have any thoughts on serviceability/durability as well?

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    I got a Marvel Pro from CRC for $283 today, got it installed and blasted around my favorite local punishing ground and I have to say that in every way it is as good or better than my Fox 32 100 RLC (something bad happened inside the Fox, which is why I now have the Manitou). Damping is really nice and setup was easy. Smooth, stiff. I really tried my best to hurt it today, but it took good care of me.

    After the steer tube was cut, weight was exactly the same. 3.02lb.

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    Is there anyway to purchase the Pro's rebound damper (Cartridge TPC) to convert an Marvel Expert?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AC/BC View Post
    Is there anyway to purchase the Pro's rebound damper (Cartridge TPC) to convert an Marvel Expert?
    You'd probably also need the cartridge Absolute + compression damper with the cartridge tube for it to work.

    From what I can see the Expert and Pro use the same CSU and legs so you should be able to convert it if you buy the:

    Cartridge Absolute + Damper Assembly
    Cartridge Tube for the appropriate amount of travel
    Cartridge Rebound Assembly

    Part numbers are in the Service Guide:

    Maybe contact Manitou about it:

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    Just a quick review to say i am absolutely amazed by how good the Marvel Pro is. I got it like a few others here on a super cheap offer at Chainreaction, and I was expecting an 'OK' fork. Something that would just do the job. How wrong i was!

    I've now had a few months riding the fork and i've got to say it has excelled my expectations in every way. It's light, stiff and superbly damped. The adjusters make noticeable changes. The fork was pretty plush to start with but loosened up even more after a few rides.

    If i had to report some downsides, I would say the quick release is a little funky at first but you soon getthe hang of it, and the front disc hose cable routing is not the finest. Extra zip ties required to keep it where you want it.

    I've ridden xc, swoopy trails and steep gnarly trails (that'd i'd easily feel ok about riding my downhill bike down) and it has excelled in every department (and got me out of some sketchy moments!).


    Rich (not employed by Manitou)

    My version is the 120mm tapered steerer 15mmQR

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