• 07-07-2011
    Magura Durin Marathon review - 2011
  • 07-08-2011
    Nice review. How would you say stiffness on the Durin/9mm compares to a Fox F120 with 15mm?
  • 07-08-2011

    These are the modern forks I've had substantial time riding ".... owned or had extensive experience with the Rock Shox Reba, F29 and Fox Talas 120."

    Must admit that the statement was a bit misleading since the Fox I had was from 2007 so by now its a noodle (probably worn bushings etc). I didn't include a list of older forks I've ridden since they were so old the list would be meaningless for comparison purposes.

    I've had no time on a modern Fox F120 with 15mm. I've used a Fox Talas RLC 150 (kashima) with 15mm but found that fork to be noodly and far from precise. Having said that, I'm very reluctant to draw conclusions or even guess about a Fox F120 as I would guess that the longer stanchion tubes on the 150mm fork would be flexy compared to the 120. So to answer your question; I really don't know.
  • 07-09-2011
    It appears that the Durin gave your old Element a whole new lease on life.

    The video feature of the fork in action was a nice touch. One really can almost feel how the fork performs.
    It appears to me that forks such as the new Durin Marathon are creating a whole new meaning to the term x/c.