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    Lyrik 160 RC Solo Air and Float 160 34 CTD 2013

    Hello all,

    Iím about to buy a new Mojo HD but Iím hesitant about the fork. I can pick between a Lyrik 160 RC Solo Air or a Float 160 34 CTD 2013.

    To give more perspective Iím a bit over 6í @215lb and if I need to pick at downhill I prefer going fast than riding aggressive, if that makes sense.

    Iíve researched a bit and found a lot of opinions, but so mixed regarding the options of dampers and the plethora of Lyrik variants that Iím actually lost regarding what is better to what. So far, the webpages say thereís about .5lb/200g weight difference favoring the Float, what I find neglectable.

    If you had to pick whether the Lyrik 160 RC Solo Air (no DH, no U turn, no Dual, no coil) and a Float 160 34 CTD 2013 (no 36, no Pushed, no Talas), what youíd go for?

    So far I'm leaning towards the Lyrik as seems more proven than the brand new CTD Fox technology where the little information I was able to found was regarding it was too soft (descend mode). Plus the short maintenance span Fox has.

    Hope you can help me.

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    Lyrik. I just added a Solo air to my SB-66 and was blown away first ride out. Very capable fork go down. I'm pissed at myself for not going back to Rock Shox sooner.

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    First off if based on what you describe you should be looking at the 36 instead of the 34. I ride a 36 on my HD and have ridden the Lyrik on it as well. My choice would be the Lyrik Solo Air with the RC2DH damper. I found that the Lyrik had much better mid stroke support where the 36 tends to wallow in the mid stroke and then ramp up significantly at the end of the travel. I find it virtually impossible to get full travel from my 36 Float. I have also heard great things about the new X-Fusion forks as well.

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    I would go with the Lyrik, although I love Fox, the Lyrik is an amazing fork. I often find myself decding between my Fox float 2012 and Lyrik RC2DH

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    I'd buy an X-Fusion Vengeance, better than those two.

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