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    Lowering of an Marzocchi 4X World Cup 2007


    as the topic-title says im on my way to lower my Marzocchi 4X World Cup 2007 (110mm) fork to 75-85mm (20-35mm shorter).

    This will be my first time breaking a fork into pieces and since i intend to hopefully continue biking, owning other forks/bikes in the future. I want to make sure that i get it all right the first time

    I stayed up all night yesterday trying to get my hands around it but i couldn't find any decent posts that really helped me out. Found some people saying that it's impossible and so on. but then again i found a few pictures on Pinkbike with people who had lowered Marzocchis four-cross forks.

    Im creating this thread in hope of that someone with knowledge comes forward to give me a small how to guide, any comment would be helpful!
    If you got any experience with lowering a four-cross 07 fork from Marzocchi don't be affraid of puting a comment down below. im pretty sure that any reply would be helpful!

    Would appreciate if you keep the English on a non-complicated level since mine isn't that great, pictures would be a big plus.


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    any tips? thanks!

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    call marzocchi and get them to email you the exploded diagram of it. Then you should be able to locate where you add the spacer, which can be a peice of pvc pipe or a handlebar cutoff (what I used). That is what I had to do since you cant find the exploded diagrams online.

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    Lowering (and diassambling) your marzocchi is pretty simple - its internals are not complicated at all. You just have to unsrew upper bolts, get rid of the oil inside (take a spring out too), unsrcrew the bottom nuts (you'll need a 12mm socket wrench with very thin sides) and hit the protruding bolts with a hammer (so that they become loose). Now you should be able to remove lower legs from the upper ones.

    Next - I don't remember well, but I guess that you have to unscrew a kind of nut that is screwed on the shaft protruding from the upper legs. Than you'll be able to pull this shaft out (is it a cartridge?), underneath you'll find the negative spring. Now you just have to put a spacer/bush under or over these little springs (decide where it fits better, I don't remember) and reassamble the fork You decide how much you want to reduce travel by the lenght of the bush (2cm = 2cm shorter travel = 90mm).

    Hopefully I helped you a bit

    call marzocchi and get them to email you the exploded diagram of it
    If you obtain one, please post it here - I'll be glad to see one. I couldn't find any in the web before...

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    Thanks for the tips everyone, ill see if i can take ur advice Brooce to someone more experienced than me to show how it's done.
    I'll call marzocchi within the next few days to try getting my hands on a diagram of the fork. ill post it here if i get any lucky with finding a diagram.
    If i find myself starting to picking the fork to pieces and lowering it myself ill make sure to take a few pictures with details of how to do it if it comes out successful!

    PS: if anyone reads this and they got experience or maby a few pictures or an exploded diagram of the marzocchi x4 world cup 2007 fork please post it here!

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