Hello from Portugal.

5th element air and Manitou Swinger 3way have an adjustable IFP pressure valve (recomended pressures around 50 Psi min to 175PSI max), which affects the pedal platform and high-speed threshold damping.

Since RS, Fox, X-fusion, (...) inline shocks have IFP pressures around 200-250 PSI, I was wondering if lowering the IFP pressure it will have better performance on small bumps. I'm talking about reducing IFP to 100-150 PSI for instance... Yes, I'm aware of cavitation... Do you think it is an issue with 150 PSI for instance? Since manitou can go as lower as 50...

Whats your opinion on this? Here's a picture showing the user-adjustable IFP valve on Manitou (Red), and the respective "fancy-top-secret-plastic-bid-hidden-needle-valve-non-user-ajustable-crap" on fox

BTW, I have a Spec.Pitch with a Swinger X4 coil which I love! And I also have the old X-fusion O2R to play with. I also have an home-made 20gauge needle device to inflate IFP with my chock pump

BTW2: I'm a suspension expert wannabe, so take it on easy with me eheh Bye