Hi Folks,

I've got a 2010ish Gary Fisher Piranha Genesis 2.0. I've left it completely stock and have been very happy with everything on for the last couple of years EXCEPT for the fork. As I get better at riding, I'm noticing the deficiencies of this fork more and more.

It says it is a RockShox fork with the G2 geometry, but because of the stupid graphics font I can't ride the rest of the lettering. Looks like TO?O or something similar. It also says "handling by Bontrager" on the lowers.

My problem with this fork is it feels like basically a spring in a tube. It has a turnkey lockout, preload adjustment and rebound damping adjustment. I've been riding it with the rebound set full slow, and I still feel like (and hear) the fork goes "SPROING" every time I lift the front wheel off of anything. When I had the rebound set any faster, the front end was extremely unsettled, which is why I slowed it... but then it rides harsh as hell over bumps, and squeaks like a banshee when it travels. Plus I don't think I'm getting all the travel I'm supposed to. I'm not sure if I just don't have it set up right or if it's just a junk OE fork. I tried to set the preload so I would have some sag -- but then the front end dove way too much under braking and wanted to tuck in corners, so I added more preload, but now I have no sag. Also there is pretty bad stiction -- when I come to a stop, the fork compresses, but then doesn't rebound as far as it should. They feel undersprung, like they have NO damping control, and just...cheap.

Anyway, what are my options? Budget is about $500.