I have a 2012 Fox Van 36 which I love, currently running a blue spring. I rode yesterday, technical ride over logs and small jumps, and I'm wondering if I lost enough weight to impact the amount of travel I get in the front.

I measured the travel on the o-ring after the ride and it was 110mm out of 160mm, which means it's not getting 30% of the travel. I get it that I shouldn't be bottoming out the fork, but that's 50mm of travel (2in) before bottoming out and that seems like a lot of travel I'm not getting.

Sag is set to 40mm (a little over 30%, which is what's recommended by Ventana. The fork has no preload and I have 2 clicks of high speed compression (HSC), so it's not like I have a lot enabled.

So, lemme know if this might be because of my weight loss (172 lbs without gear, had it set when I was 185-190lbs without gear), and I think it's running on a blue spring (recommended for 150-180 lbs last time I checked, the purple is rated for 115-155). The bike I ride is pretty rearward biased, so I wanted to get the thoughts of suspension folks here.

Should I set the HSC back a click and see if that helps it, or should I change out the spring? Thanks.