I have an RP2 on my 2009 Salsa El Kaboing that was serviced again 18 months ago. It has started to leak some oil onto the stanchion, and the Propedal function is not working correctly: I am getting some short-stroke bobbing when it is locked out, and it is actually more comfortable to pedal without it engaged now.
I am thinking of tackling the re-seal etc myself, but I have a couple of questions:

- Is the oil leak something that I need to immediately address and not ride at all? The shock is working seemingly OK still other than the propedal, and it is holding air fine.

- The guy at my local LBS is telling me that to remedy the propedal issue will require a Nitro charge that an authorized dealer will have to furnish. Is this true?

- The Fox service manuals say that 2cc of fluid is all that goes into the shock body when re-assembling, is this so? Is this what I am seeing leaking now? Is this 2cc just for lubrication or some damping?

Sorry if these issues have been addressed before, and thanks for any help!