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    Fox Float FIT RL low speed compression setting confusion

    Here is what the Fox manual says for low speed compression on my Fox 32 FLOAT Fit 120 RLC fork:

    Low-speed compression damping is adjusted with the blue bezel ring that is positioned just below the blue lockout lever. This ring has 8 clicks of adjustment range. Compression damping controls the fork compression speed. Adjust the low-speed compression with lockout off (the lockout lever turned fully counter-clockwise). The factory setting is 8 clicks out counter-clockwise, from fully in clockwise.

    I was playing with the bezel ring and don't understand the last sentence (bolded). If the ring has a total of 8 clicks, which I verified it does, what does "8 clicks out counter clockwise, from fully clockwise" mean?

    I can't figure out which direction makes the fork firmer or softer. From the markings on the bezel, it appears that fully clockwise is softest and fully counter clockwise is firmest. is that correct?

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    Yes, it's counter-clockwise to firm it up.
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    Can't you tell by compressing the fork?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PissedOffCil View Post
    Yes, it's counter-clockwise to firm it up.
    Incorrect. Turning it clockwise firms it up. With all dampers, turning the knob clockwise adds damping force. That means firmer compression and slower rebound.

    On that note, the low speed compression knob only effects low shaft speeds. It's mostly to control you body weight distribution, suspension bob and small bump sensitivity. You will not notice much of a difference by just pushing on the fork at a stand still.

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    Try not to use it.From my previous experience with a 2011 RLC it tends to make the fork spike anyway. My pref was to up the pressure a little. I found the RL which relied on factory set low speed compression better.I also found the high speed comp to high on the Fit RLC as well. I think most forks adjustable low speed comp is just a variable orifice anyway.

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