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    Fox Float 100 RLC...worth the repair?

    I'm sure this has been covered in some way in another post, but I can't find it so here we go...

    I have an early 2000's Fox Float 100 RLC that I recently inherited from a less than competent mechanic. It is pretty beat up at this point, but still compresses and rebounds relatively smoothly. There is some pretty significant stanchion rub on one side and the lockout doesn't seem to work anymore. I was looking at getting it pushed, but from what I've seen everyone seems to talk about stanchion rub like it is the kiss of death, so I don't want to invest $200 with Push if the fork should just be put down instead. Fox said replacing the uppers was going to cost another $200 or so...seems like for $400 I could find myself something new. I'm not exactly flush with cash and this isn't the only part of my ride that needs attention, so I'm just trying to make some informed decisions about how my money is going to be spent.

    I guess my question is, how bad is stanchion rub really? I know the anodization helps smooth out the ride and is obviously an important factor in overall function, but is it dangerous to run a fork with compromised stanchions? How long will a fork last if it is regularly service, but shows signs of stanchion wear?

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    The one fox fork is $350 new. Probably warranty to.
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    Here's a new one from Jenson for $449. It's an OEM model. Much better bang for your buck than repairing that old one...

    Fox F100 RLC Oe '11 at

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    Yes, it's dangerous to run a fork with worn stanchions. They're only about 1.5mm thick, and after the anodization is worn off, the soft substrate wears quickly, and is not is a position to be inspected easily. Think of what would happen if the leg snapped while your riding; it's not a pretty picture.

    Either replace the uppers or replace the fork.

    If you end up replacing the fork, I'd be interested in buying your old one for parts.

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