I just completed rebuilding my Fox Float F80RLT fork which has given me unbelievably good service to this point in its career. I had done virtually no maintenance on it for three years so when I finally tore it down, it was in dire need. I replaced three major components, namely the spring assembly on the left leg of the fork, the damper assembly on the right leg of the fork and the steerer crown/tube assembly(almost a new fork!! ). This fork came with my 2003 Specialized Epic Comp, and Fox sent me parts that were claimed to be compatible for the rebuild. I noticed that the damper was a new design and was slightly shorter than the original. Also the lower ends of the upper tubes in the crown assy were noticably different mechanically as well.
I followed the Specialized recommended teardown and rebuild guideline and everything went together well. Now that the unit is back together, the shock makes a noticable clunking sound when it rebounds that I don't remember before the rebuild. Is there an addition bumper kit or addtional parts that might eliminate this occurance?
Thanks for any insights you may have!!