Hey Guys,

Currently, I'm on a Lyrik 2-Step R2CL that, to be honest, I am just not that happy with (for reasons that I don't need or want to debate here as I'm really sick of that debate... probably because I've been on the bad end of trying to justify my keeness on the Lyrik 2-Step which is pointless now). I am looking to getting (back) onto a Fox Float or Vanilla, but am interested in the Talas.

There is about $200 price difference between the RC2 and the straight R based on the prices I am looking at through my LBS.

I've been doing some searching around, and have found tonnes of info on the RC2 (including some awesome reviews), and yes, it sounds amazing, I just don't know if I can afford the extra $200.

My question is about the TALAS R performance. I know the older Talas Rs had some issues with brake dive, but haven't been able to find any opinions on the newer (specifically the 2011) TALAS R.

I have also been hearing mixed opinions on the effectiveness of the RC2 in combating brake dive (which makes me further question whether or not it's actually worth it for the RC2). I am not a big adjuster freak in that I don't really care too much about HSC as I don't really do any BIG hits anymore, and my LSC adjustment desires only go so far as to fight brake dive (which is a pet peeve of mine on the trail).

Anyone have any actual riding experience with the 180 TALAS R and brake dive (and not so much "I hear it has it" or whatever)?

Does Fox adjust the factory compression dampening on the R to compensate for the lack of any HSC/LSC adjustments?

Thanks for any help.


ps: I'm sorry if this has already been talked about, but I tried searching, but maybe I wasn't using the right key words or something because I couldn't find much on the 2011 stuff.