Hello all, first time here, I'm rebuilding my bike, a '99 GT saddleback color: white/blue
26" rims
I think the frame is a 20 or 21".
Excel SYNC 515 suspension fork.

Anyways The shocks are fubar, they don't rebound after being compressed.
I took it to a bike shop, and they want 125$ for the suspension/fork and 45$ for the labor, a bit expensive. I don't know a lot about bicycles, but I'm good at DIY.

Anyways, Since I don't know a lot I will try my best to give accurate measurements.

Steerer tube is 7 7/8"
diameter is 1 1/8" or 28.5mm on the kennedy caliper.
It is threaded at the top.

As for the fork I don't know how to ummm, well measure what I need. So here is what I can describe, from where the axel mounts on the bottom to the top of the chrome of the neck or whatever the shock is attached to is about 16 5/8"

My riding style is aggressive, I tend to ride around downtown orlando which contains poor street conditions *brick streets, poor sidewalks, potholes, dirt riding. but I want to expand to trail riding around florida.

I'm looking for a drop in replacement that would be a decent upgrade for a smoother ride, nothing really expensive but willing to go up to as much as 175$ I don't know about headsets and what I would need to replace?

I hope someone can help me, any help is appreciated.

Thank you