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    Dual Position Air spring in a Solo Air fork

    Can this be done on a 2014 Pike (will also apply to most Solo Air forks I'd have thought)? I know you can't reduce the travel on a solo air fork without changing out the spring (or cutting the push rod) but will the notch in the upper tube for equalizing the pressure get in the way of a DPA spring working in the fork?

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    Bumping this because I would like an answer to the same exact question.

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    Has anyone tried this yet? I would like to convert my 29" 140 pike to a dual position.

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    According to the tech document the CSU is different for solo air and dual position air.

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    The current solo air forks from Rockshox use a dimple in the stanchion tube to equalize the pressure between the pos and neg chambers, whereas the dual position uses a different method to equalize the pressures.
    You will need to purchase a new csu for the conversion to work.
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