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    Does anybody ride a 2012 marzocchi 44 lr switch ta?

    I am scheming on building up a santa cruz superlight, and i am considering this fork (2012 marz 44 lr switch ta), but i can't seem to find as much information about them as fox or rock shox, and i have sevaral questions.

    My biggest question is this: is the travel on this fork internally adjustable? IE can i reduce it from (150-120) to (130-100). I am interested in the external adjustability, but i'm sure 150mm would overwhelm the bike. If it could be adjusted from 130 to 100 mm, i think it would be perfect.

    I am also unsure about maintenance of marz forks. Are they typically pretty touchy or can they go the distance without a million rebuilds? Currently I have a reba, and i've had it rebuilt once in 2 seasons and it works great.

    I am also considering the reba family and also x fusion. I think a good fox will be out of my price range. Any thoughts in general?

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    I'm also looking at this fork as a replacement for my 2004 Marzocchi Z1. After reading the spec's, it looks like a great option for a burly fork that will do everything my much loved z1 did, and more. If it's anything like my old z1, it'll be easy to service.
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    I had one for a bit, The travel adjustment works flawlessly very easy to engage & release.
    My only issue was that I don't really weigh enough, or ride hard enough for air forks.
    I never got very close to full travel from that fork or the reba I had previously.
    I would have to set negative air to the extreme, to the point of pulling down extended travel some.
    I have a 44 rc3 with a light ti spring that functions well for me, but I wish it had a travel adjust...

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