Hey guys,

I have a question about the Marzocchi Dirt jam comp fork , I am in the market for a new 2005 bike , and I think I might be getting a Norco Bigfoot . I always wanted a marzocchi fork sine I road my friends MX and was impressed by it . I come from a Manitou six , and the winter here was really tough on the fork , its sticky and not functioning that well , while my friends marzocchi is as good as new , and we have very similar riding habits.

Now I am 230 pounds , I liked the norco because itís a tough built bike which is a plus for me , but I heard that the Dirt jam comp has the same internals as the Mx or MZ fork . Although I commute on the bike most of the time , I do go down stairs , do some small drops and I am hoping to be hitting the trails this summer , and if I really like it to continue that hobby , and I heard the way the Dirt jam comp works , it wont be able to suck up the bumps at speed well due to the way its oil system is designed. Is the Dirt jumper pro a much better fork ? It comes on the kona hoss deluxe , which I want to buy if I could find it locally. Also any other models / brands other than Manitou that come on oem bikes that I should keep my eye out for when I am touring the bike shops this week?