I just got a new Giant Faith, and am looking to drop the stock Vivid coil for an air shock. I just prefer the feel of them on everything. I swapped the coils for airs on both my old DH bikes and was happy both times.

I've ridden 2 roco airs now, and I love them. I had the chance to get one for my faith, but something went wrong and the shop ran out of stock, and then got a shipment of newer ones that I can't afford.

Right now the only real option is a 2010 DHX Air 5.0. How will this work? I've heard the DHX airs are set it and forget it type shocks, but I've also heard they are horrible and break all the time. Also, how will one work with the Faith? I don't know much about leverage ratios and suspension curves, so if there will be any issue, let me know.

What do ya'll think?