• 11-23-2012
    Deciding on fork for Stumpy Carbon Evo build?.....
    Hey guys! Im doing a frame build up on a 2013 StumpJumper Carbon Evo (26" model) and am thinking of going with a Fox 34 Talus fork but some people tell me to just save my money and go with the 34 Float instead. The money is not the issue. Im willing to spend it if the Talus is truly better. Does anyone have any thoughts on the matter?....
  • 11-25-2012
    Disclaimer: I have not used any 34s (yet...until my Transition Covert V3 with a Float 34 CTD comes in - I'm dying to get it!), and I haven't trail ridden a Talas (just parking lots). I have trail ridden 32 and 36 Floats, so I will try to give feedback on the feel of the air springs in general.

    From my parking lot tests, I could never really get along with any Talas fork I tried (mostly 36s but have also played with some 32s). It just didn't feel as smooth to me as the Floats. Also there was something else that every Talas had that I just couldn't put my finger on that always seemed odd to me. I would suggest the Float based on my somewhat limited experience because of better feel (in my opinion) and a lot fewer moving parts.

    On a different note, I have a RockShox U-Turn fork right now and don't use the travel adjust feature all that often (never for climbing...only to put my short travel FR bike into dirt jump mode). It is nice at times, but nothing I would sacrifice money, simplicity/fewer parts, or suspension feel for. You may feel different about it though.

    Good luck with the decision. You will have a sweet ride regardless.
  • 11-25-2012
    Thanks for the input man. I actually got to play around on a talas today. Granted it was on a SJ 29er but I got to feel the fork and the way it works with the different adjustments. It was cool to have that adjustability in the fork and I could tell how it changed the head tube angle for climbing but I could also feel how it seems to be notchy when bouncing around on it. The float, as it obviously can't be adjusted for different travel lengths, it definitely is much much smoother when bouncing around and going over rough stuff. Im thinking I might just have to go with the float on this one. But the talas might not be such a bad choice for my carve though instead of the float on it since it is a 29 HT. ......on another note, what is the point of a forum when someone is asking for advice and 80 people look at your post but only one replies?
  • 11-26-2012
    If you want travel adjust I'd look at the X-Fusion Vengeance DLA. I would stay away from the Talas and get a Float 34 if you buy Fox.