CROSSPOST: posted in DH forum first...sometimes i forget about this one...

Bought a used, condition looks awesome in general. Seller claims 6 mos use on trails

my questions are:

- the damper oil is not dirty, but when I pump the damper a TON of bubbles appear. does that mean the oil is spent or is that supposed to happen?

- Is there any way i can grease the wiper seals without taking the lowers off with an impact wrench? Its not like the '11's where you can pry the seal up and slide up on stanchion...the seal is sunk down flush with the lower (maybe i can still pry?). There is a bit of stiction that i would love to tune out with slick honey (seems to have helped my '11 55)

- does the yellow compression knob just pull off for the '12s? there are no set screws

- is there a top out spring in this fork? with the main spring out, it seems to not want to extend to 100% full travel. i have to pull at it

- it also gets kindof sticky/stuck at bottom out when fully compressed with the spring out. is that just the position sensitive rebound is a lot to overcome at that point?

I picked up a used '11 55 ti last month and liked it so much I decided to fully switch over...selling my '11 180 float (currently up on PB but may list here). I kindof hastily rushed in since i have a pretty short amount of ride time on the 55; hoping I wont regret it