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    could 03 stamped be 04 forks?

    Hi there,

    I just got a new P.2 and the forks it comes with are Marzocchi EXR Comps. I no they are not very good forks but i have no more money. Anyway I know that this years 04 EXR Comps are significantly better than last years 03 ones.

    Anyway i was assuming my new bike must have the 04 version but when i check the stamp (near the barke supports) it says 03.... could this still be an 04 fork but manufactured at the end of 03 so has the 03 stamp? or is it the 03 model? Have i been jipped by the bike shop or could specialized still be using the 03 forks (and hence been jipped by specialized)?


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    The stamp means nothing. I have an '02 Shiver and the arch is stamped '01 and the dropouts are stamped '00. Marzocchi does that all the time, and has since at least 1996 which is the oldest-stamped crown I own.

    The best way to tell on a new fork is by looking at the decals, that's the sure-fire way to tell what year it is.
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    Thx man...guess i was just getting paranoid

    the stickers only say EXR comp on the inner and outer of each leg and marrzocchi M on the front of each. The Marz website doesn't show an image tho. Guess i could try and find a photo of someones on the web.

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    Furthermore, 04' product is released in Sept. 03'...

    So the manufacture date stamp would have to be 03', or they would be misrepresenting as well.

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