I have a 2009 van 36rc2 fit. The fork has always been well taken care of and serviced. This is now the 3rd time my fit bladder has deformed or blown. It's getting old. I know the new 2011-2012 forks have an open bath damping option. If I can tweak the shimstack in the open bath damper, and get more reliable, less to go wrong performance, I might go that route. I'm also patiently waiting for the avalanche 36 kit to come out.

Is the 2009 chassis any different from the 2011? Is there anything special in the 2011 chassis to make it open bath capable that my 2009 does not have? Do I need special oil seals to make it open bath, or just the open bath cartridge, fill the stanchion with oil, and thats it?

thanks in advance! I've been running a Marz 55rc3 while my fox is down, and damn when that fork is set up right it feels good. Way better at dealing with rolling terrain and fast roots than the 36, all while using less travel and still being less harsh. I think that the 36 is a superior and lighter chassis, so if I can get the best of both worlds, why not?