• 04-24-2013
    Nick, your guide is amazing. Really well done—thanks.

    I'm having a lot of trouble getting the rebound assembly out of the shaft. I've made the clamps (out of soft wood rather than hard wood) and heated as instructed. Heated more, clamped more, heated more, clamped more. No luck.

    Is the hardwood likely to make a big difference? I know it's a bit of a tedious question, but I thought I'd ask before taking the circular saw to my table.

    Failing that, any other ideas?

  • 04-26-2013
    Well, I got it sorted in the end. The hardwood did make a difference as it applies more pressure directly to the shaft rather than flexing.

    For those about to try this themselves, here are a couple of tips for getting the rebound adjustment head and eyelet off the shaft:

    - Use hardwood, as Nick says
    - Heat the black anodised alloy rather than the shaft. You want to cause the outer threads to expand and crack the red loctite
    - I've not done this myself, but a friend tells me that wrapping the shaft in paper wetted in IPA/isopropyl alc/brake & clutch increases the grip on the shaft. Might be worth a shot next time.
  • 03-06-2014
    ron m.

    Originally Posted by Nick_M2R View Post
    Righto, here is a pic of the stock shim stack on my 09 DHX, the far left washer is the black steel back plate, between that and the piston is the compression stack, then on the right of the piston is the rebound stack, followed by the piston bolt, make sure that when reassemble the stack, that the flat side of the piston faces down

    Hope it helps!

    In theory, if I remove one of the largest shims closest to the piston, that increases speed right (reduces damping)?
  • 06-27-2014
    I used the guide to change the fluid in my '07 dhx 5.0 and the seal change went great but when it went back on I have TONS of rebound and it seems like a little more compression than I'd like. I just tore it down and loosened the shim stack bolt and it didn't change anything. I also took a measurement of the IFP when I first took it apart (18mm) but set it to the 38mm as per your manual. I'm having a hard time getting my shock pump keeping air in the reservoir but I don't see that effecting my compression AND rebound that greatly. Any ideas? When I took it off it was working but leaked and sounded like a sucking gash. I don't believe I messed up the shim stack but I did remove them to clean and inspect. Thanks for any help!
  • 09-08-2016
    I know this is random, but fox no longer makes seal kits for the 2010 dhx rc4. I was going to have them made, but I need to know the sizes of all the orings inside the shock. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • 09-09-2016
    try avalanchedownhillracing.com
  • 09-10-2016
    https://www.u2nr.com/collections/seal-kits have seal kits for both small and large shaft dhx rc shocks, can be had on ebay as well.
  • 06-02-2017
    This is great
    Thank you very much - I'll definitely be using this info