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    Cane Creek on a poor Stumpjumper FSR Comp 26" 2012

    Hey all,

    It might be a stupid question, but I really dont know

    I have broke (the locking handle is broken and its leaking oil) my original FOX Triad 2 shox on my bike yesterday and now im waiting for repair.

    Note: If someone could suggest how could I brake will be nice

    Meanwhile I was browsing ebay for some new shox just for fun and came across Cane Creek and foolishly fell in love

    riding background: I am a new rider, about a year now. I am progressing and pushing myself forward and hopefully I will enter a local AM team to practice.

    Now the question is - is this Cane Creek is just a stupid crush of mine and i should forget about it?
    and second - is it even possible to fit it on my Stumpy?


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    Specialized use a proprietary shock mounting design on their bikes, you will not be able to fit an aftermarket shock without some modification (machining to one eyelet). You will also need to check if it clears the frame (air or coil?)
    Additionally, the design places more strain on the shock shaft, which is fine for the specced shocks, but not necessarily for aftermarket shocks which may not be designed for this. I know people have snapped shafts using Roco and DB (coils) on Enduros and Demos. Not sure if this would be a problem for the Stumpjumper.

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