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    Cane Creek DB Adjustment - Small Simple Tool that works!

    I just purchased a new bike with a Cane Creek DB. I like to change my suspension settings and never use a pack when riding the bike park. I needed a small tool that was flat and would fit in my pocket. Found this in my tool chest.

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    It is an adjustment wrench for a Dremel Tool. Can be found online for $1.49. Works great!

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    Mine came with this:

    can be purchased for $12 and it can open beer!

    Cane Creek Double Barrel Adjustment Tool

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    Yes, so did mine. Great tool. But if you are riding lift served and want something very small and thin, that is a bit big and thick. The dremel wrench is very small, thin and light.

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    I thought this one was cool.... but you can't open beer with it..

    Cane Creek DBCoil/DBAir Knurled Thumb Tool by slackard on Shapeways

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    I have the shapeways wrench, but it doesn't fit between the shock and fram on a 951. You need about and 1 1/2 inch clearance to get it in.

    The CC tool isn't bulky at all and remember that your Drexel tool is sharp and could easily get plunged into your leg if you're carrying it in your pocket.

    If any of you want my shapeways tool, pm me.

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