I recent bought a 2010 RS Revelation Team U-Turn where the seller said they had a spacer put in to lower them to 140mm (from the stock 150mm). The travel indicator printed on the stanchions seem to match that as they're sitting at about 130-135mm (apparently the negative air sucks them down a bit from full travel so this is normal from what I understand.)

I bought the fork with the intention of later removing the spacer to get the full 150mm travel. I just had it at my LBS for a service and primarily for them to remove the spacer. They called me back saying the finished the service but as far as they knew, there was no way to remove a spacer or anything on these forks so they didn't do anything about that.

I haven't been able to find anything conclusively online that says you can lower these forks (only finding info on the Revelation Dual Air, not u-turn.) Can anyone confirm whether there is likely a spacer in there that can be removed and my LBS don't know what they're doing, or the seller lied to me and it's actually at full travel already (just being sucked down to 135mm due to the negative air)?