I just down loaded RockShox’s spare parts catalog, which has an exploded view of the Dart2/3 fork with each part labeled. According to the drawing, both the 26er and the 29er forks use the same spring/spacer kits. The 26er and 29er forks have different lower Spring Shaft Kits, which is listed as “(80mm, 100mm)”. Both the Spring Spacer Kit and the Spring Shaft Kit make up the internals of the left leg. Does anybody know where to add a 20mm spacer to this left leg assembly to change a 100mm fork into an 80mm fork? See the attached drawing for parts that make up the Dart’s left leg on page 9.
http://www.sram.com/_media/techdocs/...%20C%20price%2 0list).pdf

Dart 3 Exploded View.pdf