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    Bottomless tokens for 2013 Rockshox REBA RL 29 (90mm) Solo air

    Having read some posts on this forum and elsewhere it looks like adding some tokens will improve the REBA on my Specialized Stumpjumper HT. I have taken to top cap off and observed that there is no thread to add tokens on, but noted that the "Bottomless Token Kit" comes with a new air cap, so that solves that issue.
    I also have a full suss with a 2014 Pike and that was delivered with a couple of spare tokens. They are too big to fit in the REBA. I can't find anything specific about there being two sizes but I have noticed that the "Kit" (Bottomless Tokens/Air Cap Kit for Reba/SID/Rev/RS1/Bluto/) generally shows black tokens whereas the tokens for my Pike are red. Can someone confirm that the black tokens are a different size to the red and will fit my REBA?
    The tokens seem to be not readily available in the UK so it looks like I will need to get them shipped from the USA - so I need to order the right thing first time. Thanks!

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    Have you tried adding a gob of fork grease under the cap? It's not as neat as the spacer but does the same thing.

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    Bottomless tokens for 2013 Rockshox REBA RL 29 (90mm) Solo air

    Check the oil volume, the forks can come from the factory with an incorrect volume of oil. Once you get the correct amount of oil it will make the fork feel a lot better

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