• 03-06-2013
    Bontrager shock pump, 2 gauges?

    I use this pump: Bontrager: Shock Pump (Model #08306)

    However, I'm not sure how or when to read what gauge...? When it's connected to my fork, only the "main" gauge (the one you can see on the picture, see link above) reads.. When I connect it to my rear shock, both gauges reads:
    the main gauge reads ~150 PSI, and the secondary shows ~60 PSI.
    So should the main gauge ONLY be used for reading the fork pressure, and the secondary gauge only for the rear shock..?

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  • 03-06-2013

    Post the reply you get from them, it might be useful to others in the future.
  • 03-07-2013
    The answer I got from Bontrager is:

    When pumping the fork, read the gauge showing the LOWEST pressure.
    When pumpung the rear shock, read the gauge showing the HIGHEST pressure.

    That's it :)