I am looking for thoughts on the best shock for a 26in wheel based Hardtail. The frame is a Voodoo Wanga and I am currently running a 07 Marzocchi 700sl. Curious what are some of the best options out there for shocks these days. I have not looked at them in years.

I mainly do cross country style riding, roots rocks, etc, no severe drops so I would still like something around a 100-130mm preferably with the adjustable travel like I have on my Marzocchi. I would also like to have lock out on the shock as well as adjustable rebound and stiffness. My one complaint about my marzocchi is although it is supposed to be adjustable stiffness it is more binary either locked out or at its softest.

I am a heavy rider and would assume with gear I am 235-240 most times depending on how much water and clothes I am carrying.

I am currently running older style disc wheels without the through axles and I am not one that necessarily needs the newest shock out there so if there are deals of the last few years out there that you could recommend I would be most interested in that stuff. Thanks for your thoughts.