Ok so I am a bigger rider, like 200 lbs, got a new rockshox XC 32-tk 80 mm, very nice and my sag at the highest preload position is about an inch! Is this too much / not enough? I am thnking of getting a FIRM BLUE spring for this, as I assume that the DEFAULT spring I have on there now is the YELLOW or average spring. SHOULD I upgrade to a firmer spring? Not sure what the criteria are. WHAT is the threshold for needing a firmer spring - and it is not clear where I get it from! Seems to be a TORA TK spring! What is the best source?
ALSO, must I drain the damper chamber and pull the lower leg off just to remove the spring? Took the top TK lever off, spring is right there, released the bolt at the bottom but it will not come out, should I / can I rap the bolt with a hammer with the lower leg in place? HMMM.