How is it? Does it blow the 2013 out of the water?

I have a 1st world problem so not expecting too much sympathy. Here's the dilemma:
Sitting on a 2014 34 Float 29er CTD which was a warranty replacement for a 2012 34 Float 29er RLC that was plagued w/ a creaking CSU. The RLC went back 4 times, and the 2014 CTD was the result of the 4th time. Fantastic...but still don't know if the chronic creaking CSU still exists...

I was thinking of selling it to get a 2014 Pike. But, the Pike will be the first model year, AND, it's RS' first go at the Charger damper. On top of this tacubaya may have already sighted in on a situation...low lube oil levels.

So, the 1st world problem...just mount up the 34 CTD v2.0 and ride it into the dirt until I need to warranty the CSU again, or plunge right into a 1st model year fork?