Hey Guys,
I'm working on building up a new singlespeed and am wondering what fork will be the better choice here. Both will be 100mm 29 with 15mm thru axle.

I currently have a 2014 evolution series float 32 on my hardtail stumpjumper, which doesnt have the FIT or kashima coating. The fork seems nice and plush, but I never get full travel out of it, if I let some air out, it feels to squishy. I'm not sure if this is the way fox forks are, or if its something else.

With the SS I'll be standing up a lot more while climbing. I weigh about 220, so I would probably like the stiffer of the two. And it would be nice to get the full travel out of it on hard hits.

Any comments, advice or experience with these forks would be appreciated. I know that both of these, especially the fox where reworked with new dampers for '14 so I'm really just looking for information on the 14 models.