• 01-28-2013
    2013 Rockshox SID XX Solo Air Problems - Need Help!
    Hi Guys,

    Need some help here.

    I was very satisfied with my 2012 SID XX dual air on a Superfly and was building a Superfly 100 and I tough of trying the new 2013 solo air, all of them in G2 geometry.

    I live in Brazil and I friend brought the suspension for me so it's not easy to return to Rock Shox so maybe you guys can help me, here's what happens:

    First after I mounted the suspension on the bike, it wasn't working, the xloc was locked, even with the lever pressed, I ready people complaining on the internet that sometimes it comes with this problem and you have to bleed the xloc, so I did and it solved the problem.

    But I found strange the the suspension was still very stiff, the chart recommends 135psi for my weight but it seems too high, so I fill it with 100psi, the other strange thing is that even with 100psi the sag was going just 10% when mounted on the bike, and as you can see the picture below, the sag chart was very strange because the zero wasn't on the right mark.

    So I did my first ride, a 1 hour ride, and everything went good but I didn't liked the suspension, too stiff, not plush like the 2012 version.

    On the second day I went to test it again, and just when I got in the bike the grey seal went off as you can see in the picture below. :eek:

    I took the air off, and pressed the seal back on, filled the suspension back again, and voila! The suspension was very plush with 135psi, and as you can see the picture below, the sag chart changed, and the zero was on the right mark, that was VERY strange!

    Ok, went to the trail to tested, after 40 minutes, the seal when up again, so I went back to the car.

    I got the seal back, and now the suspension is stiff again, and more strange, the sag chart is showing a new mark.

    So guys, what is happening and what should I do?

    Best Regards,


    Sag Chart before using for the first time:

    First time the seal went off:

    After I got the seal back and re calibrated you can see a new zero on the sag chart:

    After the seal went off again, and went home and the Sag chart is different again:
  • 01-28-2013
    The seal popping off on the air side of the fork is likely to mean that the seals on the negative piston are damaged, which causes air to leak into the lower legs, pressurising them and then causing the grey wiper seal to pop off. The fork needs a service basically. Did your friend purchase it from a shop or 2nd hand?
  • 01-29-2013
    Hi Kiwiplague,

    He purchased from a shop, the shop already said to get the suspension back to them, but for this it will take more than 1 month since it have to travel back to US and back here, so I would prefer to discover if is possible to fix it over here first.

    Thanks for your suggestion!
  • 01-31-2013
    At the very least you will need to get yourself a seal kit, then get your LBS (or yourself, if you feel confident)to give the fork a service and replace all the seals. In saying that though, if the forks were new from a shop, it should be a warranty issue, as the seals should last a bit longer than that. You may want to talk to your LBS and see if they can sort something out with Rockshox.
  • 01-31-2013
    The fork came with a full seal kit, I'm going to ask my LBS to do the service.

    What about people say that when traveling in airplanes you have to empty your shock air, is that true? Because he didn't do that, and maybe it could damage the seals. What do you think?