I haven't seen a settings thread for the new 2013 Revelation, which now has a simplified Solo Air spring rather than the Dual Air as in previous years. I think it would be helpful to have people post their settings, weight, and trail type, and also a quick review. I'm going to post my rear shock settings as well, since it changes the ride characteristics and behavior of the fork.

I received this fork on my 2012 Santa Cruz Blur LT (R Am build kit). I was surprised to get the 2013 actually because their website still listed the "Revelation RL DA" at the time. I was looking forward to playing with the negative air spring and to have a bit more flexibility, but I suppose the Solo Air setup does simplify things. So far it's been a great fork, but not nearly as plush as my 2012 Sektor Coil. To date, the Sektor has been the plushest (and heaviest) fork I've owned. I've only ridden the Revelation 4-5 times so far, so it may still need some time to break in the seals and bushings.

Bike: 2012 Santa Cruz Blur LT (140mm rear, 150mm front)
Rear Shock: 2012 Fox RP23 Kashima
Weight (with gear): 180

Firm Setting:
Trail Type: Smooth buffed singletrack with jumps (Auburn, CA)
Fork: 105psi
Shock: 170psi
Ride Result: Perfect settings for climbing and descending on everything except for the rough rock gardens. Very firm, perfect for jumping and easy to pop off of any little bump. Never bottomed out even when overshooting a couple landings.

Plush Setting:
Trail Type: Rocky lava cap/hardpan, loose over hard, technical (Chico, CA)
Fork: 95psi
Shock: 150psi
Ride Result: A little squishy for hard climbs on smooth surfaces, but does really well for climbing on rough surfaces with the ProPedal on. Descending is fairly smooth with full travel front and rear. 90psi in the fork resulted in bottoming out several times, so upped it to 95psi.