I'd like to change out the oil in my fork and maybe even swap out the dust seal. Rock Shox was kind enough to include the parts to do that when I bought my fork. However, they seem to be very reluctant to provide the information of exactly how to do that. Their website pushes you to your local dealer. Well, I don't want to go to my local dealer - I'm certain this can be done at home.

I've trolled through their online service documentation, but can't seem to find anything that addresses my EXACT fork. And I'm not sure which configuration would be "close enough"

So, does anyone know where I can find instructions and oil types/volumes for a 2012 Rock Shox SID RCT3 Dual Air 29 fork? Is the Mono Air the same? Does it matter that it is RCT3? Why does Rock Shox make it so hard for the home mechanic?