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    2011 trek paragon's Fox F100 RL vs x-caliber's reba RL

    i saw this post by kapusta in 2006 explaining 2 flood gate settings that i really want in my fork. whichever bike has the fork that can give me these settings is the one i want. i don't care for any other factors. i'm looking for custom tuning + prevent brake dive.

    Quote Originally Posted by kapusta
    3) With a high compression setting (small damper hole), pressure builds up very easily at lower fluid speeds. The floodgate is set up to open at pretty low fuid speeds. This gives you a fork that resists bobbing and diving fairly well, but opens seamlessly up for any bumps. This is my favorite setup.

    4) When you "lock out" the fork you are essentially closing the compression damper, so no fluid gets through. Any force the shock experiences will translate to pressure at the compression damper. This is where the setting of the floodgate is most noticable. Full firm setting means the shock is going to be very difficult to move. It is truely locked out. As you lighten it up though, the compression damper is easier to override and the fork can be set to feel locked out, but it will react to larger hits.
    2011 paragon: Fox F100 RL 29 w/E2 steerer, custom G2 geometry, 51mm offset crown, 100mm travel

    2011 x-caliber: RockShox Reba RL 29 w/Motion Control lockout, custom G2 geometry, 51mm offset crown, 100mm travel

    i appreciate your input. thanks!
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    Do you know what the price is on a new Reba RL 29?

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    That's easy. The Reba will give you more adjustment, and it will give you the compression adjustment that you want. You would have to go with a Superfly Elite to get that with a Fox RLC.

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