At the begining of this year I bought a new 2010 Fuji Reveal 2.0... The bike came standard with a RockShox Recon Race 335 130mm fork. My intention was to do some XC riding and not so hardcore AM riding with the bike, I figured the 130mm travel would allow it..

So far I have broken 2 different forks. The first one was replaced by the store's warranty and the second one, although it was very difficult to convince the Rock-Shox guys, it was repaired using the Rock-Shox warranty...

The failure mode is always the same, when I go out riding the suspension is working fine, but as soon as I start going downhill the suspension turns really stiff, as if it was blocked.. When I sent the suspension to the Rock-Shox shop they told me I had crushed an internal cartridge and it could be one of two possibilities: either I had too low air pressure (I adjusted according to the chart) or I had ridden it too hard (I hope this is not the case).

The thing is I have just received the repaired suspension... My first ride I put a LOT of air into the fork (150 psi), I weight aprox. 65 Kg, I think the aprox. correct setting according to the chart is about 100 psi (I have not yet played with the rebound adjustment). Of course, the fork worked horribly and now I have this massive wrist pain..

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these Recon forks and if someone could give me some guidance as to what pressure and setup should I adjust the fork to... I would appreciate any feedback!