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Thread: 2005 Z1 Fr1

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    2005 Z1 Fr1

    On the ETA cart of the Z1, does someone know how far down the thread to screw the purple/red nut? In the service manual it simply says not to tighten. How much thread should still show?

    On the rebound adjust side does the same apply to the nut. Also, do I tighten the inner chamber (silver) so the thread does not show?

    Does it make sense to go to a higher weight oil if taking out a spring?


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    Using my fingers I lightly bottom that nut at the end of the thread. After that I screw the top cap on until it bottoms out on the shaft and then I loosen it 1/4 turn. I then bring that nut back up and lightly tighten it against the top cap.

    On my fork the top cap was really tightened down hard on the shaft making it very difficult to unscrew. People seem to break the shaft when the top cap is very tight and they use that backing nut to counter the force of trying to unscrew the top cap from the shaft. If that top cap is stuck you are supposed to use some kind of 'soft jaws' clamp to hold the shaft, not backing nut.

    Anyway, I'd probably raise the oil level to make up for the volume loss of the spring for bottom out protection. The air spring will be more progressive than the coil though. I don't think I'd change the oil weight, it wouldn't make any difference on the ETA side anyway.

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