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    '14 fox 34 ctd Avalanche modification vs. Pike solo

    I've been on my new sb66 for a while now and am not totally dissapointed by the forks performance but do wonder how much better it could be.......
    Options are getting a new Pike fork or else have Avalanche install new internals.
    Does anyone have any experience/insight on these fork upgrades?
    Also, the Fox Float CTD shock is super linear and seems to be overwhelmed......
    My options with the shock are having Avalanche tune it, get a Float X or go with Cane Creeks DB Air or the new INline from Cane Creek?

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    ... Or send the fork and shock to Push.
    Though I've heard better things about Avalanche than Push recently even though I had the Fox Float R on my last bike Pushed and really liked it.

    I'm in exactly the same boat as you, 2014 SB66 with the Fox 34 CTD Evo front and Fox CTD rear. Both are functional but not great. I've been considering my options too and have decided to go with Avalanche for the fork and probably the shock too.
    At ~$400 the Avalanche cartridge is cheaper than a Pike and most likely better performing, especially given it's custom tuned. For the rear It's either Push, Avalanche or a CCDB. I think Avalanche will win for me.

    I've been really impressed with the SB66's pedaling, even in decent mode and out of the saddle it doesn't loose much if any power to the suspension.

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    I do not have the same fork as you, but I am very familiar with these upgrades. I have two rock shox lyrik forks with the Avy cartridge in them, and an Avy modified float CTD shock, and an Avy modified DHX-air shock. I have used Avalanche products for several years, as well as Pushed products.
    The Avy fork cartridge is, IMO, the best upgrade anyone can do for their fork, It will improve every measurable and non-measureable ( seat of the pants feel) characteristic of a fork. Avy even has two different upgrades for the new Pike fork as well, which tells me, the Pike is not perfect by any means, and if that leaves you wondering about that statement, just read the what, 40 page thread here in this forum about the Pike. That fork has issues. You can buy that expensive fork, and possibly have issues, or spend half as much money by buying the Avy cart, and you will have a much better fork than the Pike.
    Avalanche's rear shock work: awesome. Their application vastly improves the CTD function, and they correctly re-shim your main piston for your weight, riding style, and bike. The low speed rebound adjustment becomes effective, and the high speed performance of the shock will blow you away. Once again, you can spend lots of money on a float X, or less then half the money, and get a better shock than a stock float X.
    FWIW, I do not work for Avalanche, and I have paid full retail for all work and products they have sold me. I continue to buy their stuff because I believe it's the best suspension for me. Do a search here for avalanche to get more feedback.

    Again, with Avy, you will spend less than have the money that the mediocre products will cost, and get multiple times the performance. You will not be disappointed.

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